Clinique Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser

1 Jun

Over the course of the past few years, I’ve had about five tubes of this cleanser stashed in travel bags and glove compartments for quick packing or after-gym cleansing. It’s a mediocre cleanser, but because it’s included with every Clinique gift with purchase, it’s quasi-free.

It’s thick, creamy and fragrance-free, which would lead one to believe that this would be a good cleanser. It kind of is. It foams nicely, but always leaves my face feeling filmy and squeaky. It reminds me of those mirror-shaped heads women wash then spray down in that Dove commercial. Naturally, this led me to soap up my bathroom mirror, wipe the suds off and wait to see if it left a scummy residue. It did.

That said, it’s gentle. It’s never harmed or inflamed my sensitive skin. It’s allergy tested and non-drying. All of these plusses can’t outweigh the residue factor, though. I’ll keep it in the glove box because it’s better than nothing, but I can’t use it without thinking of those scummy mirrors and the natural oils trapped beneath the film this cleanser leaves.


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