Fekkai Shea Butter Moisturizing Shampoo

2 Jun

Although I’m hesitant to play favorites, this shea butter shampoo just might be my, let’s say, preferred choice of shampoo. It was my first Fekkai purchase, Let me paint the picture for you: I’m standing in Nordstrom in front of the Fekkai display like a child trying to pick the perfect puppy to take home. Ultimately, this shampoo wagged its tail the hardest, and I’m glad.

I have fine hair that has a tendency to split and break until the ends resemble tiny, frail trees. This is matched with a scalp that turns into an oil slick at the slightest addition of heavy product. It follows, then, that many products that care for my wimpy ends weigh my roots down. This shampoo, however, which is formulated for ultra-dry, thick or unruly hair, works like duct tape.

This shampoo is thick and pearlescent, a comfort to those of us who are terrified by laundry detergent-like clear shampoo. (Have you ever seen a clear conditioner? No. As far as my experience tells me, if you can see through your shampoo, it will strip your hair.) Not only does it look luxurious, it smells like a clean, sensual $6 almond cupcake. This scent has to be the one that started the men-smelling-women’s-hair phenomenon. As if that weren’t enough, this shampoo works into a decadent lather with minimal effort.

This would be the place where I would point out the drawbacks of a product, but there are none. OK, the price — $23 —  is a bit steep, I’ve paid more for much less. I can do nothing but sing the praises of this delightful and luxurious shampoo.


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