TRESemmé Fresh Start Dry Shampoo

3 Jun

To me, a dry shampoo is good for two things: oil absorption and volume. That said, it can quickly be ruined be one thing: residue. Those of us with dark hair especially suffer from the what’s-that-white-dust-in-your-hair? issue. No one wants to venture out into the world with dirty hair. Fewer of us want to do so looking like we just used our mane to dust the bookshelves. Yes, there are formulas designed to match an array of hair colors, but I’m not talking about that right now. Fresh start is white.

I have zero recollection as to how this product came into my possession. It’s one of many bottles in my arsenal of dry shampoos. I still remember the first time I used it, though. I woke up a bit late, yanked the green cap off and held my breath while I created an aerosol fog around my head. It provided a fantastic volume boost. It didn’t make my hair seem just-washed, but it makes it look decently clean. The white powder even disappeared into my hair with a good shake and some finger-combing. Off I skipped out the door.

A few hours later, I encountered a mirror, which led to moderate embarrassment. It turns out that after mixing with the oils on my scalp, the powder formed very small, dandruff-like clumps. At this point, most of the volume had apparently been absorbed into my new white flakes, so I was left with semi-clean, flat, dandruffy hair. Ever the optimist, I gave the shampoo two more runs. Both ended the same way, though less publicly.

If you have very light, relatively clean hair, this might be a good volumizing option for you. I often use a dry shampoo on clean hair to add volume, so it’s not my any means a useless product. I still use it when I know I only have to make it to the grocery store or post office before I can return home and shower or hide. I probably won’t buy it again, though. Not when there are so many dry shampoos I’ve yet to try.


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