Neutrogena Body Oil

5 Jun

In the summer, everybody’s best friend is body oil. It’s the easiest way to make your skin look glowing and healthy. Oh, and it’ll make your bottom as soft as a baby’s. Swapping lotion for oil in the summer is like swapping that spiced chai for iced tea: It’s a no-brainer.

I was fully prepared to write a glowing (heh) review for this oil. I sat down ready to tell you about its low price point ($10), its non interference with perfumes (it comes in a  fragrance-free variety) and its ability to make my skin very, very soft. I was even going to tell you how warming it a bit in the winter for post-shower use is as good as a cup of hot chocolate.

Now that I’ve used my weekly share of parentheses in one post, I’ll tell you what gave me pause. I sat down to familiarize myself with the product before writing this post. I looked at the website, and I read the entire bottle, which is where my problem arose: Propylparaben is ingredient four of five. Sesame seed oil, the ingredient on the front of the bottle, is two. One is a synthetic oil that the skin absorbs easily. As far as I can tell, three is an emulsifying agent. Five is BHT.

I’m no Chicken Little. I’m sure I continue to use products with parabens and other controversial ingredients. What bothers me is that I’m coating my body in things I have a very limited knowledge of, when olive oil would essentially do the same thing. No, it wouldn’t soak in as nicely, but that’s the concerning part: If I can’t safely ingest something, do I really want to cover myself neck-to-toe in it and praise it for its ability to enter my body through my pores?

So, yes, it feels great. Yes, it looks great. No, I won’t throw the bottle out. I’ll probably buy a different oil next time, though.


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