Comodynes Make-up Remover for Sensitive and Dry Skin with Oats

7 Jun

First, I should clarify that this is not for skin that has oats.

I started buying these cloths in high school, when I worked at a sad, sad place that did not believe in the joys of face art. I needed a way to unmake my face while sitting at a red light between class and work. Enter Comodynes.

My thought process behind the decision: This will be fast, cheap ($6.25 for a pack of 20 wipes) and its calming formula wouldn’t be likely to inflame my sensitive skin. (I had a pretty red and stingy experience with some dreadful Neutrogena wipes.)

I’ve used these intermittently since high school. They accomplish everything the package claims. I can remove every speck of mascara, foundation and liner without irritating the tissue-thin skin under my eyes. The pack is resealable, so as long as your laziness quotient is somewhere below “It’s April, and my Christmas lights are still up,” these cloths will last about as long as you want them to. I had one package open —  but sealed —  for about eight months without it suffering detrimental moisture loss.

There’s a bummer, though: These cloths leave a slight residue. This isn’t a big deal if you’re washing your face afterword, but that’s never the case for me.


What do you think?

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