L’Oréal Paris Collagen Micro-Pulse

9 Jun

About two months ago, I discovered that I have permanent dark circles under my eyes. Yes. This fact was unknown to me for what I can only assume was an extended period of time. Imagine my terror. I’ve been obsessed with remedying this situation since, so when the Best Beauty Buys issue of  InStyle landed in my mailbox last month, I heeded its advice on the dreaded dark circles.

The package says that the user should see improvement in dark circles, crow’s feet and puffiness after four weeks. I’m at about five weeks right now, and my dark circles are still here. I didn’t have problems with puffiness or crow’s feet, so I can’t attest to this product’s abilities to help with those issues. Although, “collagen” is in the title, which leads me to believe that these are the things the product would be best at.

So, I still have dark circles. There’s an upside, though: The cool, vibrating metal ball feels incredibly soothing. It’s probably not worth $20, but it does feel great. This product works in two steps: One, pat the cream onto your under-eye skin. Two, press the pulsating wand five indicated places under your eye. Then perform a gliding motion beginning in the middle of your eye and moving toward the corners. I don’t know how someone discovered that these motions are the best method for dark circle/crow’s feet/puffiness negating. I’m intrigued.

Because it feels so nice, and because I think miracles are possible, I’ll keep using this product. I’ll update the post if my circles take a vacation. Don’t hold your breath, though.


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