Gillette Venus Embrace

10 Jun

I’ve been a longtime devotee to Soleil disposable razors, but I think I’ve just been converted. I wouldn’t have even tried this razor had I not gotten it as part of a swag bag from an event —  I was happy enough with my Soleil razors that I wasn’t looking for new ones. Let this be a lesson in non complacency.

I used Venus razors before I switched to Soleil, so this isn’t my first time with this line. I like it a lot more this time around. I could hardly feel the razor on my skin. Because it doesn’t tend to be enjoyable, shaving is usually an activity to which I devote about half the appropriate amount of time. More often that not, I end up with stripes of hair down my leg. This was an experience. There was no tugging, no cuts, no scratching, no anything uncomfortable.

I woke up this morning with crazy smooth skin. A big part of this was that this was the first time in months that I had actually shaved my legs. I’ll attribute the easy hair removal to the five blades this razor is composed of. I’ll also give the moisture ribbons some credit for my silky skin. No, these things probably aren’t solely responsible, but my skin feels great right now, and this was the only part of my routine that I changed.

Embrace comes in disposable and replaceable heads, and though these can be a bit expensive (as much as $4 a blade), with beach/pool/sundress season upon us, this razor is a must-buy. Trust me.

UPDATE: The moisture ribbons lasted and lasted. The razor felt as light and soothing on the day I tossed the blade as it did the day I first used it, and the shave is impressively close. Shaving is finally easy.


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