Philosophy Shower Gel

12 Jun

Usually, non-food items that smell like food are a little, well, gross. It’s odd to want to bathe in things that smell like cookies or pie. It’s odd to want to smell like cake or a strawberry milkshake. Philosophy shower gels are amazing, though. They don’t smell grossly sweet or like a derivative of the food they’re intended to smell like. They actually smell the way they’re supposed to.

Yesterday, Sephora gave me the Vanilla Birthday Cake shower gel for my birthday today, which prompted this post. (Sign up to be a Beauty Insider right now. Or, rather, after you finish reading this post. The program’s perks are well worth the few minutes it takes to enter your info.) It smells heavenly. Thank you Sephora and Philosophy.

These gels can also be used as shampoos or bubble bath, but I’ve never done so. They lather so nicely that I’m sure they would make a great bubble bath. I don’t know that I want my hair smelling like cinnamon buns, though. (No, I’m not sure why that’s different than having skin that smells like cinnamon buns.) I’ve also never tried any of the recipes on the bottles. How adorable is it that Philosophy does that, though? If you’ve tried any, let me know. Some look pretty good.

Even more adorable are the themed sets Philosophy puts out seasonally. They’re a great way to try a lot of scents and avoid sensory boredom. Even the tiny bottles last quite awhile due to the thick, soft, moisturizing lather these whip up to with relatively little effort. If you’re looking for a scent, try Senorita Margarita, Coconut Milk or Red Velvet Cake. Yeah, the scents are kind of silly, but these make me feel like a kid again. I can’t argue with anything that does that.


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