St. Ives Fresh Skin Moisturizing Olive Scrub

15 Jun

Some people need to exfoliate weekly. Some people, like me, need to do so nearly daily. Because of this, I’ve tried a lot of exfoliating face washes. This one isn’t my favorite, but its texture is just about perfect. It’s not so gentle that it doesn’t do anything, but it’s not so harsh that it scratches my skin.

That said, My mom found this too harsh, and a friend found it too gentle. This either means that it’s solidly in the middle, or it’s just not a product that works well for a wide range of people, which makes me hesitant to give it a raving review.

The other reason I probably won’t be buying this again is because of the best things about an exfoliator is that it has a tendency to clear up your skin due to the removal of dead skin and other bacteria. Sadly, I haven’t found this true with this scrub.

The upside is that olive oil is the sixth ingredient, which makes it rather moisturizing. Few things are as gross to me as an exfoliator that leaves skin feeling stretched and tight. If you want to try this, it retails at $8, so it’s not much of an investment. Or, you could just borrow it from a friend.


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