LipFusion Conditioning Stick

16 Jun

I’ve been a fan of Fusion Beauty for a few years, ever since I got hooked on their glosses after snagged a few free minis at a Nordstrom beauty event. Both of these sticks were also given to me as part of a gift with purchase (or something loosely similar to that). Apparently Fusion Beauty really knows how to get the word out about its products. Bravo. And thank you.

On days when I’m not wearing a color, I usually stick to minimally shiny clear gloss. It’s hard to get me to carry around a balm because it grosses me out to be digging in a pot and most tubes are disappointing. This balm’s packaging, though, is sleek, adorable and — my favorite part — adult-looking. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel a little odd toting around a plastic twist-up balm past my early teenage years. It’s entirely possible that I overdosed on LipSmackers in middle school and that it has created some kind of aversion.

The colors I have are Butterscotch and clear, but these sticks also come in Berry, Bitten and Buff, none of which I have tried. All the sticks look gorgeous, though. The shades are sheer enough that you don’t get too much color if you reapply frequently (which I’m guilty of). They just give lips a nice, natural tint and healthy looking hydration.

Not only do these make your pout look pretty, they have some good things in them — and don’t contain some not-good things (parabens). These balms pack SPF 15, Saliporene (which claims to increase water content of the skin by 6000 percent in four weeks) and two ingredients designed to plump up lips.

I’m a fan of just about anything with SPF, and the sheer, healthy look of these sticks is the perfect solution to a day with minimal makeup. I don’t use this balm with enough regularity to know whether it increases the water content in my lips, but it does make them feel quite nice (and tingly!) while I’m wearing the balm. As for the lip plumping, I think it does a good job. My lips always feel a tad bit fuller after I’ve used one of these balms. The way I know it works, though? I let a male pal borrow the clear stick. He used it, then looked in the mirror a few minutes later, “Um, Is this supposed to make my lips look bigger?” Yes, it is.


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