Jane Iredale Dream Tint

20 Jun

People tend to forget that tinted moisturizer is exactly what it sounds like: tinted moisturizer. It’s not something that’s going to provide full coverage, so don’t expect it to. What it should do is even out your tone and give you a nice, tinted glow. Jane Iredale Dream Tint does that.

Not only does it do the above, but I feel as though it actually hydrates, something few tinted moisturizers do. I attribute this to the lack of harsh chemicals and the addition of some delightful ones, such as sunflower seed oil, shea butter and extracts of white tea, grapefruit, vanilla and almond. Oh, and it has has SPF 15. Oh, and it feels like moisturizer. No make-up residue on your cell phone, no feeling like you’re wearing make-up at all.

This is my first experience with this brand, and I probably wouldn’t have tried it had my mom not given it to me after deciding it wasn’t a good color for her. I use Medium Light, but it comes in one lighter shade and three darker shades. I texted my mom to ask to her to describe my skin tone because, let’s face it, I prefer to think that my skin resembles Jennifer Aniston’s, and I wanted to give you a way to gauge the shade. Her reply? “Medium light.” There you go. Maybe this will help.

For not being a brand I typically turn to when I need a beauty product, I’m pleasantly surprised. It goes on easily, causes no irritation, leaves a nice glow and comes in a rather large package (2 ounces for $38) that will last much longer than summer does.


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