Biosilk Thickening Conditioner

22 Jun

Biosilk, which is owned by the same company that owns CHI, has a reputation built on creating soft, silky hair. In fact, all of their products contain natural silk.

This conditioner is designed to “transform thin, fine hair into fuller, thicker locks,” which it does. It never leaves my hair flat and greasy the way many conditioners tend to. It comes at a cost, though. When I rinse this out of my hair, my ends never feel hydrated and smooth. It also makes my hair seem a little bushy and dull after it’s dry. It’s like eating soft serve; you can tell that it’s whipped full of air. Given Biosilk’s reputation and mission, I’m disappointed by this quality.

Another disappointing factor  is the way it smells. I imagine that it’s intended to smell spa-like, but to me it just smells simultaneously sweet and medicinal. I can’t stand it. From my experience, that’s what the whole line smells like, so if you’ve tried a lotion or shampoo that you enjoyed the smell of, you’re probably fine. Except for the whole failing as a conditioner thing. If you want to try a Biosilk product, I’d suggest the popular de-frizzer or something from the silk collection.


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