Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener

27 Jun

I bought this because I thought it would be a fast and easy way to combat dark circles early in the morning. Just click the base a few times, swipe with the brush, and head out the door. Sounds great, right? That’s not how it works, though.

The worst thing about this product is the twist-to-use container. You have to twist about a dozen times to get any product to come out of the brush. When it finally does come out, it does so in globs, which makes the brush unusable and wastes a lot of product. This has been my experience each time I’ve attempted to use this product. Rather than expediting my morning routine, it added a mess to clean up.

I never tried it at this time, but this product used to come in small jars, which seems as though it would be a much better alternative to the twist-to-use packaging. Still, I would prefer something that came in a stick to having to use a brush and pot every morning. (I am not a morning person.)

The upside is that this is a decent product. It’s not going to cover your dark circles on its own, but it makes them less noticeable and can help you fake some sleep come Monday morning. Its light formula ensures that it will never get cakey, and it comes in eight different colors.

I actually forgot what I paid for this product (which I’ve hardly used since purchase). After looking the price tag up for this post, I plan to return it. $38 is too much to spend on a product you can’t reasonably use. Unless it comes back to the jars, I wouldn’t waste the cash.


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