Smith’s Rosebud Salve

29 Jun

First, I’m very sorry about not posting yesterday. I have this cold that causes my head to feel as if it’s in danger of exploding in a watermelon-like fashion anytime I’m awake. Tissues everywhere. Dry skin aplenty. One of the things that’s gotten me through this gross time is Smith’s Rosebud Salve.

By now you’ve probably picked up on my appreciation for products that smell like roses. This one smells particularly delicious. Because I’ve been going through so many tissues, my nose has gotten quite dry. I’ve been using this to help heal it. Something that close to your nose has to smell nice. Point one for Smith’s.

I also like things that multi-task. This salve is amazing for overnight lip restoration. It lasts through the entire night. I’ve also put it on rough patches of skin, burns and cuticles. I can’t say whether it helps the burn heal more quickly, but it does make it feel better. Points two and three for Smith’s.

I typically use this at night is because it’s in a pot that you have to stick your fingers into, so I refuse to use it unless I’ve recently washed my hands. It also comes in a tube, though, which I haven’t tried. The other reason I use it at night is that it’s very thick and shiny. It’s not waxy or greasy, though. Just smooth and delightful. Point four for Smith’s.

If you’re not as into roses as I am, check out the menthol and eucalyptus, strawberry, minted rose, brambleberry rose or mocha rose balms, none of which I have tried. I’m too in love with the salve that’s been a customer favorite for 116 years. Despite the frequency at which I use this salve, it’s lasted a number of years. Just a small dab goes quite a while. At $6, this salve’s a steal. Points five and six for Smith’s.


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