Tarte Lip Gloss

1 Jul

My mom and I have a tradition of buying a huge sampler of lip glosses each Christmas. After all the presents are opened, we stand them up between the tissue paper and ribbon and take turns picking colors like we’re picking baseball teams. We take it seriously, too. We hold them up to our skin, turn them upside down, analyze opacity and sparkle. Individual selections have taken up to five minutes. Even the names of the colors are taken into consideration.

This past Christmas, my mom and I split the Lots of Lip set from Tarte. I ended up with a lot of delightful pinks and reds with varying amounts of glitter. Some provide a nice, barely detectable sparkle. Others take you back to middle school. Although those are a bit much for 98 percent of life’s occasions, it never hurts to have something over-the-top sparkly on hand.

Something that makes competitive color choosing easy is color accuracy. These are pretty accurate. Unless you have very light lips, the bubble-gum pink won’t turn your lips that color, but you’ll get pretty darn close. There’s not a lot of mystery as to how these colors will look once applied.

The thing you might not be able to tell from the tubes is how wet these look once applied. The other thing you might not know is that these will bleed if you’re not careful. Some concealer on the lip line usually does the trick, though. Oh, and you also can’t tell that these smell like bubble gum, which weirds me out a little.

The pack my mom and I bought is available for $25, which is a good price for the 15 tiny tubes. I haven’t fallen in love with any of them enough to warrant the purchase of a full-sized gloss, but all the experimentation has been fun, fun, fun.


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