Chantecaille Pure Rosewater

2 Jul

Whenever I get on a plane, I make sure to have a big bottle of water and some kind of refreshing spray. Recycled air can be a real bummer, so being prepared is important. Yes, I’m the person who will attack my face and with a spray bottle mid-flight. I had this fact in mind when I got a mini version of Chantecaille’s Pure Rosewater.

Look at me reviewing something that smells like roses again. Only, this time, I’m not in love with the way it smells. It smells a bit, old. Stale. Bad. And then It’s stuck on my face for the rest of the flight. And the person sitting next to me hates me even more than they did when I first whipped out the spray bottle.

I’ll allow that I could have gotten a bad batch. I can’t find an expiration date anywhere on the bottle, but I began using it almost as soon as I got it. I have pure Moroccan rosewater that smells absolutely amazing, so I’m not sure why this one smells so odd.

The rose petals for this water are picked in dawn at May in France, which explains the price tag of $56. Instead of water, Chantecaille uses this pure rosewater in its products. I’m a sucker for stuff like this, but I just can’t commit to this spray. If it weren’t so refreshing, I’d have ditched it already. But it makes my face feel too good mid-flight. And I have to say, it leaves quite the glow, which is hard to attain stuck in a a cabin of stale air. If you really want to try this, ask for a sample at the department store and make sure that you can tolerate the smell before you buy. I know that I couldn’t stomach both the smell and  price tag.

*You might be noticing that this picture doesn’t quite look like the rest. I had to take it with my Mac Book’s iSight camera. Yep, that’s the best camera I own. Apologies. I was hoping that it would look better once I got it in the blog. Nope, it looks worse. I’ll work on replacing it.


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