Hugo Naturals Lemon Verbena and Bergamot All-Over Lotion

5 Jul

I came into brief ownership of this lotion after my mom purchased it and used half the bottle before realizing that it was bergamot scented. She does not care for bergamot. I used it for a short time before passing it on to another family member. If someone gives you a partially used bottle of this, it might have originated with my mom.

Hugo Naturals consists of body products made by a couple who began their business by making natural soaps and selling them at their local farmer’s market. Now, their products, which are made without parabens, animal fats, silicone and plenty of other things, are sold at retailers such as Whole Foods.

I have to give them major props for making a lotion out of things that I recognize. No 16-syllable scientist words. This lotion even contains marshmallow. I like marshmallows. I also like a lotion that has no artificial scents or colors. I don’t think that the chemicals in beauty products are going to kill me, but I do think it’s nice to understand all the ingredients listed on the back of the bottle of the product I’m slathering all over myself.

The downside is that this is harder to rub in than sunscreen. That’s not me being cute with words. It really is a workout to get your skin to absorb this stuff. The harder I tried to rub it in, the more it seemed to almost lather. I also have to wonder why people insist on scenting things with bergamot. Other scents that might be better include vanilla and sweet orange and shea butter and oatmeal.

Despite the difficulties and the smell, this lotion always left my skin soft and never left me wondering what chemicals were sitting on my skin. The price is reasonable, too: $10 will get you 8 ounces.


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