Jo Malone Red Roses Cologne

6 Jul

Roses have a reputation for smelling sweet, but there’s much more to this fragrance. Like roses, though, this scent is deeply romantic. I’m wearing it as I write this, and it’s making me want to write with unnecessary flourish. I’ll refrain.

This scent wears incredibly well. A small spritz will suffice, and it stays put for the remainder of the day. Seven different types of roses and crushed violet leaves comprise this fragrance, which also has notes of lemon and spearmint. It provides the wearer a remarkably clean and surprisingly sensual scent.

When you walk into a good florists’ shop, it smells floral, rich, deep, woody, beautiful. This is how Red Roses smells, but with only roses. It smells like the whole flower: the stem, the petals, the leaves, the thorns. It’s incredibly beautiful.

I don’t have the kind of money necessary to purchase a full version of this. Instead, I was lucky enough to score a sample, which I will ration out to myself in the coming months. I’ve worn scents that are prettier and sweeter, but never something so beautiful. If you want to check it out for yourself, 3.4 ounces will cost you $110 and 1 ounce will set you back $55. Even the candle is $65. If you’re looking to splurge, this might be it.


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