MAC Brow Set

11 Jul

I have unruly eyebrows. On more than one occasion, a friend or family member has stopped mid-conversation and told me not to move while they snapped a picture of the ridiculous thing my eyebrows were doing. Once, my mom even licked her thumb and attempted to tame the offending hairs. Thankfully, MAC’s brow gel has put a stop to most of these unwelcome episodes.

This gel comes in a tube with a mascara-like wand, which is used to tame and set eyebrows. I picked up mine in Beguile, a “full-bodied taupe.” It also comes in clear, Girl Boy, a “fawn-blonde” and Show-off, a “rich brown.” My brows are pretty dark, so I’ll probably try Show-off next time, but the picture gives you a good idea of what color this will be on your brows.

There’s a trick to using this. It’s really easy to get too much color on your brows, which looks a little odd, especially if the color doesn’t exactly match your hair color. When I pull the wand out of the tube, I gently push one side against the opening so that there’s less product on that portion of the brush. Then I use that side to groom by brows. If I need a little more, I can build.

I chose a color because I like the look of full eyebrows, but I would recommend the clear to anyone whose eyebrows aren’t naturally unmoving. The product doesn’t get hard or sticky, and it keeps brows in place all day, assuming you don’t touch them. For someone with long eyebrow hairs, this product is a must, especially at $15.


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