Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Body Glow

18 Jul

I acquired this “body glow” after my mom decided she hated it. I’m not sure whether it was a gift or a part of her never-ending quest to find the perfect self-tanner, but either way, it became mine. I’ve gotten better off-casts.

My first issue with this self-tanner was that doesn’t do the best job of soaking into skin. Hours after application, skin will feel the way your feet do after you slather them with a shea butter lotion at night, which doesn’t make this the best option for day.

Next, I found that this “glow” works best to keep up a dark self-tan created with something such as St. Tropez or Xen Tan. On its own, it takes about a week to build up anything noticeable. If you use it once, you will acquire no glow whatsoever. (It’s true. I used one leg and one arm as a control.) This formula is designed for light-medium skin tones, a category I fall into, but in my opinion, it’s not usable on its own. It does nicely maintain a previously applied faux tan, however.

The final issue I have with this is its smell. This does not smell like Cashmere Mist. It smells like self-tanner mixed with Cashmere Mist, which are two scents I’m less than crazy about. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Cashmere Mist, its notes include Moroccan jasmine, lily of the valley and bergamot. Bleh.

On, this product comes free with a purchase of more than $50, which is the only way I can really recommend purchasing this product, but that’s only if you planned on spending that much on other Donna Karan products anyway. Otherwise, it’s a waste of about $35.


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