Banana Boat Summer Color Self-Tanning Mist

19 Jul

This is one of those products that sounds like a really good idea. No more tinted palms? Flawless application? Affordable? Sounds too good to be true. That’s because it is, but Banana Boat comes close.

The packaging I have is old, so it’s possible that the spray function has improved, but given my experience, a spray tan from a bottle is not going to work the way one from a booth will. You’re going to get patches that are darker and spots that look as if you were hit with a failing can of spray paint. It’s just not reasonable to expect a flawless application from an aerosol.

It does provide beautiful color, however. Yes, you have to redistribute it a bit with your hands, but the color is golden and perfect. It’s summer. The other really nice thing is that the spray comes out golden. You can see exactly what’s going to be tanned, what’s not and where you’ll have streaks, which beats the tan off any of those white formulas.

It also lasts for about a week, which is convenient. It also dries very quickly and the telltale self-tanner smell won’t stick with you all day, which is one of the best qualities anyone could ask for in a faux glow. The spray lasts a long time, so spending the $9-10 on this can be a good option for those wanting a dark tan without the steep price might look into this.

If you use this, I would suggest doing so in the shower so that any overspray doesn’t ruin any clothing, towels or furniture in the vicinity. Happy SAFE tanning.


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