St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Lotion

20 Jul

In one application, St. Tropez leaves a deep, dark, deliciously brown (not orangey) tan that’s more beautiful than any sun tan I’ve ever gotten. I could end the review here, but there are a few more delightful things about this tanner that are worth mentioning.

The formula is a deep chocolate color, which makes it incredibly easy to see where you’re applying your tan. You’ll be able to spot and fix streaks before the formula dries. Because an even color is key to a faux tan, being able to avoid that surprise streak two hours after application is crucial. The lotion takes about four hours to fully dry, and the tan lasts at least a week before fading naturally, not in spotty patches. Fantastic.

Another delightful thing about this self tanner is the way it smells. No, it doesn’t smell like a normal lotion, but it doesn’t carry the typical self-tanner smell. It’s difficult to describe, but it actually smells rather nice. So nice, in fact, that I use it on my face. It provides a real-looking, glowy tan — something I would never let the sun give me.

Due to the dark color, this self-tanner will stain your palms deep brown if you’re not careful. I use only one hand at a time, and I wash my hands after covering each limb. I know people who use plastics gloves when using this tanner. In fact, gives you a free pack with the purchase of this product. I’ve done fine without the gloves, but I wouldn’t suggest against them. A few other words of advice: Exfoliate before applying this tanner, and pre-moisturize places that might cause the formula to “stick,” such knees, elbows, feet and eyebrows.

At $30, this tanner a lot cheaper than a trip to St. Tropez, and I’m not convinced that I could get a tan there that would be prettier than the one that comes out of this bottle.


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