Lorac TANtalizer

21 Jul

When I got a sample of this, I didn’t realize that it was make-up rather than a self-tanner, which is something people need to know about this before they buy it. It’s not a bad thing by any means, but being clear about what you’re getting is important.

That said, this stuff looks great. It’s shimmery and bronze. By bronze, I mean bronze. It’s beautiful. (See below.) I’ll say it again: Its beautiful. It also smells gorgeous — sweet and vanilla-y, but not in a Bath and Body Works way. Because it’s make-up it evens out skin tone a bit, leaving great-looking, luminous skin.

I’m not sure that I would wear this bronzer during the day because it’s so shimmery. I also wouldn’t wear it with white. It sets in well, but it’s still make-up, so it’s going to rub of a little. Even if you wear it with black, hop into the shower before you head to bed and ruin your white sheets. (I tried this product while on vacation in Mexico, and a minimal amount transferred to the sheets.)

This product is $32 for 5.7 ounces, but the tiny packet covered my legs and arms twice, so the full bottle would last quite a while. Lorac does make a self-tanner, which I haven’t tried, but given the cult following TANtalizer has, it could be worth a try, especially if it provides the same luminosity.


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