Elnett Strong Hold Hairspray

27 Jul

I probably don’t use hairspray as much as the average productista, but I still get excited about seeing salon-quality hairsprays at Target.

This is often the hairspray I reach for not because it has a great hold but because it leaves hair soft and a bit shiny. There’s not a lot of “stick” to this hairspray. If you spray it on your arm (which I did), you can tell that it’s not a normal hairspray. It’s only slightly sticky to the touch. After it has dried, you can’t even tell where you sprayed it.

This means, though, that there are no hairspray knots in your hair. Ever. That’s something I’ll take over hold any day, but I think next time I pick this up, I’ll get the extra strong version. I don’t know when that will be, though. This can has lasted me at least six months so far. If you’r primary concern is hold, I’d spend your $13 on something else.


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