Weleda Everon Lip Balm

28 Jul

This balm is rose-scented, which should tell you everything you need to know about why I bought it. Actually, I didn’t realize how drawn to rose-scented products until I began this blog. A pattern is emerging.

Because shortness seems to be my theme this week, I’ll cut to the chase. Because this balm is composed largely of shea butter, it feel as though you’re slathering pre shea butter on your lips. If you’ve never done this, it feels a little like a less-smooth Crisco. It’s waxy and thick, which are not qualities I seek out nearly as much as I do “rose-scented,” which brings me to my next point: This balm smells musty, which weirds me out a little.

Time for the upside: It’s incredibly softening. I have pretty chapped lips year-round, and this does a good job of softening them in a few applications. It’s rather impressive. That said, It’s no Smith’s Rosebud Salve. It doesn’t feel as good, smell as good or work quite as well. However, the fact that it comes in a stick is a plus. This balm retails for $5.50, but you can find it most places for less. I won’t be buying it again due to the aforementioned Crisco-like and musty qualities, but if you’re unbothered by those things, this could be quite the healing balm for you.


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