Lash Fusion XL

2 Aug

This mascara is supposed to provide dramatic lashes (think Kim Kardashian). Now accept that that’s not going to happen. And that it’s probably OK.

This mascara has some good things going for it. First, it doesn’t dry out lashes. In fact, they stay pretty well hydrated with this mascara. Second, it doesn’t tend to clump. Given what the brush looks like, I was surprised at its ability to separate lashes. The last delightful quality is this formula’s ability to lift/hold a curl. These are all great things in a mascara.

What about that drama I mentioned earlier, though? It only existed the first few times I used this mascara. Even then it wasn’t that impressive. This formula dries out very quickly. I had this mini tube open for about a week before it got thick and useless. I’ve had tiny tubes of other mascara for 10 times as long. I wouldn’t risk the $24  on a full tube.


What do you think?

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