SpaRitual Fluent Gentle Conditioning Lacquer Remover

3 Aug

Changing your nail polish is one of the easiest ways to update your look. I usually do about three polish changes per week, so I go through a lot of polish remover. Last time I was visiting my family, my mom donated this SpaRitual remover to my quest for nail variety.

Because it’s vegan and non-acetone, I thought it might smell less offensive than other removers. Not so much. It did, however work a little faster than the generic remover I picked up from Target that I’d been using before this one. It’s not enough of a difference to keep buying it, but it was an improvement. The Extra Strength version might work a little faster, though.

The title includes the word “conditioning,” which came as a slight surprise to me as I typed it into the title when I started this post. I used it on my fingers an average of two times per week for about three weeks, which is how long the half-bottle my mom gave me lasted. I didn’t think it had any effect on the state of my somewhat dried-out nails.

The 4-oz. bottle (which I have) is about $5, and the 16-oz. bottle is $12, so I’d suggest getting the larger one in the extra strength formula if you choose to purchase this remover.


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