Sephora Glass Nail File

8 Aug

Early this morning, I broke what has to be at least the fifth Sephora glass file I’ve owned. This one met a demise worse than most: After I dropped it on my tile floor, I had to vacuum up the shards because none were big enough to pick up by hand. A few others were casualties of travel, and I continue to use the remaining chunks for said purpose. At $8 a pop, I won’t risk taking another whole one out of my house. So why do I keep buying these expensive and suicidal files? They’re absolutely fantastic.

Before this file, I hated filing my nails. Most files are scratchy and the feeling of scratching them across my nail tips gives me goosebumps. The ones that don’t have this gritty texture usually don’t accomplish much. Sephora’s glass file is even more efficient than regular ones, and they lack the gross, scratchy feeling. I have nails that break often, so having something that can clean up a tear in a matter of seconds is very welcome.

I’ve heard other people call these “overkill.” I respectfully disagree. If you’ve tried just about any other glass file, it won’t compare. It will not be anywhere as efficient. I promise — I’ve tried most of them in an attempt to save costs after I broke my first few. Not one smoothed my nails as quickly and well as this one does, though.

What really sells people on this file is that it will never wear down the way traditional files do. Just run it under water to clean it of debris. The downside is that it still might not las as long: As I mentioned this before, but these are incredibly easy to break. The best advice I can give: Don’t take these anywhere unless you’re prepared to drop $8 on another one, and don’t ever hold the sleeve upside down when the file is in it. The sleeve will not hold the file in place, and you will be standing over the three square inches of tile not covered accent rugs. I even dropped, and shattered, one of these in Sephora. They’re determined to meet violent ends.


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