Smashbox Photo Op Under Eye Brightener

18 Aug

I believe in magic. And I believe that Smashbox is responsible for it. I’m in love with this brightener/highlighter, but I have no idea how it came to exist in my makeup drawer, what makes it so amazing or why in the embarrassingly long time I’ve had it, it’s never seem to come close to running out of potion. The only reasonable answer is magic.

I have some pretty intense dark circles. Chalk it up to a lack of sleep and some very-close-to-the-surface veins. They’re ugly, so ugly that I haven’t yet found a product to lighten them or a concealer to fully cover them. (Any suggestions are welcome.) But this brightener does an amazing job of taking some of the attention away from the dark spots. The instructions say to use this before concealer, which cuts down on the reflectivity. I often use it after, though.

I have to add that brightener is just that. I’ve seen way too many people upset that a brightener isn’t “covering” dark circles. It’s not meant to replace your concealer. It does something concealers don’t: It has reflective elements that detract from darkness rather than covering it up. This brightener is particularly good.

The magic doesn’t end there, though. This product doubles as a highlighter. I use it just under my brow bone and on my cheek bone occasionally. The color and radiance of the liquid can be a nice aid in contouring a face or achieving a healthy “glow.”

I’ve had this for much longer than I care to admit. For health reasons, I should have thrown it out long ago and bought a new one, but at this point I just want to see how long this magic bottle will last. After mascara and Chanel bronzer, this is probably my most-used makeup product, and it’s still going strong. I can’t explain why there’s even a drop left, much less what seems like enough goop to last me into the foreseeable future.

What I do know is that this product is incredible. It brightens and highlights like a pro, and you could be doing so well into the future for $19. Good deal, right?


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