Suave Aloe with Cucumber Body Lotion

30 Aug

First, let me apologize for disappearing for so long. I was very busy moving the contents of my  two-bedroom apartment into my very tiny hallway and back. Why do something so futile and so time consuming? A black soot/dust/ink decided to invade my ventilation system and descend on everything I own. Each room had to be completely cleaned. All my possessions were vacuumed. My ceiling was vacuumed. (This involved standing on a kitchen chair with my vacuum cleaner. On the same tiny chair.) Oh, and I started my final semester of college.

Although I’m still leaping over unvacuumed living room items every time I want to go from office to bathroom to bedroom to kitchen, I’m taking some time to crank out a post. It has been way too long. Because of some of the chemicals I used while cleaning, my skin became very, very dry. The hot showers I took didn’t help either. Suave did, though.

As moisturizers go, I’m pretty happy with the ingredients in this one. It’s not loaded up with alcohol, which can be very drying. Additionally, aloe and cucumber are actually near the top of the list. These things make for a moisturizing and soothing lotion that helps heal dry skin, something I desperately needed after so much Windex, bleach and hot water.

It also smells nice: powdery and light. I can’t stand overpowering lotion. I don’t want to smell like flowers, baked goods or fruits, so a light aloe/powder scent is much appreciated, especially when it’s necessary to coat yourself a few times a day.

I’m not sure how much the small bottle I have costs because I got mine as part of  a swag bag. (I might have yanked a few bottles from other bags, too.) From what I can tell, you can pick up an 18 oz. bottle for about $4 and I’ve seen 32 oz. two-packs on Amazon for $10. It’s not the best lotion I’ve ever used, but it is the very best one for the price. I only wish I had a few more swag bags to snag moisturizer from.


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