butter LONDON Powder Room Acetone-Free Lacquer Remover

31 Aug

Nail polish remover is a necessary evil. It’s not fun to have to remove that chipped manicure, and it’s certainly not fun to have to do it with something that assaults the nostrils. (I once started dabbing remover on a cotton circle a few feet from my family’s cat. She sneezed, looked at me disapprovingly and left the room.) Powder Room is different.

It smells as you might expect, like powder. The powder scent is strong, probably in order to cover the scent of the remover. Yes, you can still smell the remover underneath the powder, but it’s the most pleasant-smelling remover I’ve tried.

The other good news is that this remover is acetone-free, which means it’s less damaging to your nails. The formula is slightly greasy in a non-gross way, which leaves nails feeling hydrated, not stripped. That said, it strips the polish very quickly and easily. Sometimes I can do all 10 tips with one cotton pad. Amazing.

The only possible downside to this is that a 2 oz. bottle is $5, and that’s the only size the company makes, so picking up a few at once might be a good plan. I know I’ll keep buying this remover as long as I have lacquered nails.

UPDATE: I still adore and will continue to use Powder Room, but I found a remover that I prefer: Zoya Remove Plus.


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