CHI Silk Infusion

1 Sep

I have very tangly, dry, damaged ends, and I’ve been guilty of not doing as much as I should to combat this problem. I’ve had Silk Infusion for years. Years. Actually, I’ve had two bottles for years. I was making myself use a conditioner I hated for long enough to be able to write a fair review, which was in vain, as I discovered that the product was (rightfully) discontinued shortly before I planned to write said review. As soon as I was off the hook with the gross conditioner, I began pawing through my cabinet looking for something to soothe my frazzled locks. Had I known I had this little bottle of gold, I would have used it up long ago.

I’m convinced that this product should be a Biosilk (owned by the same company as CHI — Farouk) one. It contains silk, as all Biosilk products do, but it creates softer hair than any Biosilk product I’ve tried. It’s incredibly easy to use, too. I prefer to shower at night. Often, it’s after a long day, and though falling into bed after a warm shower feels great, it can mean neglecting my hair. Lucky for me (or, my damaged ends), Silk Infusion takes about three seconds to apply. Just squirt a nickel-sized amount into your palm and rub it through your damp ends. That’s it. You’re done.

This product feels quite slick in your hands and has a generic salon scent. I have no feelings on either of these qualities, but they’re worth mentioning. What I do have feelings on are this product’s ability to soften hair without making it greasy and its heat-protective qualities. Because of these things, Silk Infusion has quite the devoted following. I’ve even heard of people putting this on their skin. Seriously.

This retails for $13.50 for 2 oz., $24 for 6 oz. (the size I have) and $37.50 for 12 oz., which is a great deal because even the 6 oz. bottle will last a long, long time even if you don’t let it gather dust for years before you begin to use it. Lucky for me, I found second bottle stashed at my parent’s house a few weeks after I started using the first one. Looks like I’m set for a while.


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