Fresh Rose Marigold Floral Water

6 Sep

If you’re sick of reviews on rose-scented products, turn away now. They’re not going to stop. I can’t help it.

Sephora classifies this water as a toner, but I tend to think of it more as a facial spray. When sprayed directly onto the face, it feels as hydrating as most moisturizers. It might just be me, but whenever I close my eyes to spritz this, I imagine myself in a rose garden with a refreshing mister pointed in my direction. (See, calming and soothing.) Be careful, though. The spray head is a tad too powerful, so if you spray this too close to (read: near) your eyes, they will burn, and your little daydream will come to a painful halt.

I’ve been using this product for a long time, and I don’t think its toning qualities are as strong as its hydrating or soothing ones. It does make my skin appear less red for a bit after use, but that’s about it as far as toning properties go. However, it’s impressively good at picking up makeup and dirt my cleanser missed. Sometimes I even spritz this on a cotton pad and use it to “wash” my face in the morning. I’d feel bad about it, but I’m not a morning person, and there are days where it’s that or nothing.

For this and its hydrating and calming/soothing properties, this water is a winner. Because it’s in a spray bottle, the water lasts an impressively long time (you use a lot more when tipping upside down onto a cotton pad), which makes it worth the $35. I’ll also mention that there are a lot of really terrible toners that strip the skin of its moisture or leave a nasty residue. This won’t happen with this spray, so it’s worth a whirl.


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