Z. Bigatti Skin Re-Storation Skin Treatment

8 Sep

I try not to make a habit of purchasing really expensive beauty products. You can often get the job done with something less expensive, and I can’t in good conscience sit here and type to you that you need to spend crazy money on product. It’s just not true. That, said, I couldn’t resist picking up this Z. Bigatti cream as part of a package, which gave me some price relief.

This cream is intended to repair, nourish and protect skin. I think it did these things. My skin feels smooth, taught, hydrated and luminous when I use this cream. I haven’t been using this very consistently because I’ve been trying to stretch out how long it lasts because, as I implied, it’s rather expensive. From this, I can tell you that this cream stays stable for a very long time. More than a year. The amount of product also lasts the user long time. The formula is thinner than you would expect, and it spreads over skin easily, which means that less product is required for each use.

My bottom line on this: I’ve never gotten a radiance like this from any other cream. It really does make my skin look great. It comes at a price, though — $155 for 2 oz. (the size pictured). I’m almost out of this cream. Am I going to rush out and buy this after my supply is gone? No. Did I have better skin while using it consistently? Yes. Even just one independent use makes my skin fresh and glowy.

Solution: Head on over to Z Bigatti’s website and request a free .17 oz. sample jar. At least try this out, even if — like me — a full-sized container is totally beyond your budget right now.


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