Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer

10 Sep

Dark under eye circles have plenty of causes: genetics, diet, sleeping habits, location of blood vessels. Because of this, it can be difficult to get stubborn under eye darkness to go away. The next best thing is covering them up. If yours are particularly dark (like mine), this can be tough. Amazing Concealer is one of the many, many concealers I’ve enlisted in the anti-under eye circle campaign. So far, it has been the best.

So far. This doesn’t make my dark circles disappear. It does a very good job of hiding them, but that weird dark shininess still peeks through right by my nose. That said, I’ve tried a lot of other concealers that didn’t work as well, most of them more expensive.

My biggest tip for using this product: Do not under any circumstances squeeze the bottle. It takes only three tiny dots to take care of the eye area. If you store the tube with the lid pointing down, just tapping the opening will give you what you need. If you squeeze the tube, you will end up with 10 times the product you need. Trust me.

This formula is like none other I’ve ever felt. It reminds me of makeup that contains animal fat. Don’t be grossed out. This thick, oddly greasy but not shiny consistency is what’s responsible for covering those dark circles. (It also covers blemishes, but there are other products I prefer to use for that purpose.) This concealer comes in 10 different colors that range from very light to very dark, so all productistas should be able to find an appropriate shade.

This size I have is the “travel size” (.2 oz. for $28). I have no idea why Amazing Cosmetics makes this in a size larger than this. (Remember, you just need a dot. But if you’re so inclined, you can pick up a .5 oz. tube for $42.) When I swiped this from my mom’s bathroom, it was half gone. I’ve been using it consistently, and it has no sign of running out anytime soon, which might be another reason this concealer has such a loyal fan base. It does make me wonder how long this particular tube has been around, though.


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