Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional

12 Sep

A few weeks ago, I skipped the primer under my foundation in an attempt to get out the door sooner (on time). I’ve been using primer very consistently for about six years, and this experiment reaffirmed the merits of my habit. Without primer, my foundation felt shockingly different (gross), and getting it to cover evenly was like trying to spread chilled butter. Never again will I skip the primer.

What primer, do I use, though? I like a primer that feels more like silicone than lotion because they’re better at minimizing the appearance of pores and lines. (If you’re debating between primers, squeeze some onto each of your palms and rub it in. Whichever hand’s palm lines become the faintest is the primer that will conceal pores the best.) I also think that the silicone primers do a better job of allowing makeup to spread. (Some people don’t like silicone primers because they sit on top of the skin and therefore, can inhibit natural skin processes. I haven’t experienced problems, but not everyone’s skin agrees with this man-made ingredient.)

All this to say that I’ve become a big fan of The POREfessional. The thing it’s most similar to is Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, which I used faithfully for about five years and continue to use occasionally. What makes POREfessional better than Photo Finish, though? Texture. POREfessional feels silky smooth in your hands and as you’re spreading it over your face, but then it seems to settle and almost lose this quality. The primer won’t feel the same way on your face as it just did on your fingertips. This is a good thing. POREfessional helps makeup cover evenly and efficiently just as well as Photo Finish does, but it leaves less noticeable residue. Photo Finish feels greasier on your fingertips, and it feels that way on your face. Like a lot of women, I don’t like to feel my makeup on my face. For that, POREfessional is better.

I didn’t think that I would like this product better than I do Photo Finish, but I’d just started a bottle of Photo Finish when I bought this, and I’ve probably used only 10 pumps since then, so my preference is clear. Even on days when I’m not wearing any foundation, I wear this primer. It goes a long way in making my skin look smooth, which is sometimes all I need.

Don’t be turned off by the color of the primer. (It’s the shade of a medium foundation.) It will blend with your skin. I’ve never heard of someone disappointed by the effects of this primer’s color. A .75 oz. bottle is $29, which is almost the same price per ounce as Photo Finish. (POREfessional is 25 cents more.) It’s worth digging in the couch for that quarter, though. If POREfessional turned a loyal Photo Finish user like me, it can turn anyone.


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