Essie Matte About You

13 Sep

I’m of the opinion that this mattifying top coat is worth buying based on the name alone, but I suppose that’s not the most sound way to make decisions. So, here are all the plusses and minuses of Essie’s Matte About You:

Buying a matte top coat is definitely the way to go. It’s less expensive than buying matte colors because you can mattify any color you already own rather than repurchasing colors. It’s also a lot easier to work with; matte polishes dry quickly, which makes an even manicure difficult. Because this top coat dries so quickly, make sure the previous coat is completely dry to avoid any sticky-on-the-bottom issues. I think dark colors (navys, deep purples, dark grays, etc.) look best matte, but this polish is fun, so experiment with it. You can still use a traditional top coat under this if you’re concerned about chipping.

The downside to this is that after a day or two, some shine will return to the polish. I don’t fully understand the scientific properties of matte technology, so I can’t explain this phenomenon other than to guess that lotion could be part of the issue. Just top your tips with another coat when shininess rears its head, and you’ll be back to matte on no time flat. I don’t know if there are any other matte top coats that are better at combatting shininess because this is the first matte top coat I’ve tried. I’ll probably try butter LONDON’s next, though, to see if it keeps nails matte longer.

Am I happy with this product? Yes. Is it everything I ever wanted in a matte top coat? Not quite. That’s OK, though. It’s worth every penny of the $8 I spent on it.


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