Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara

16 Sep

If forced to choose a favorite beauty product, it would be mascara. When hitting the snooze button takes precedence over most of my morning routine, I usually still find time for mascara. When I don’t, no fear: I have at least two mini tubes stashed in the zipper pocket of my laptop bag. And when there’s a storm warning at night, I take off all my makeup but my mascara before heading to bed. I’ve met very few mascaras that I haven’t been able to make fast friends with, and Eyes to Kill is no different.

If I had to pick my go-to daytime mascara, this would be it. The best adjective I can think of to describe Eyes to Kill is “defining.” This isn’t a Diorshow, though there is a Megan Fox Eyes to Kill version that might be more in that vein. It makes my lashes look a little darker, a little more curled and a little longer. Eyes to Kill is like the best possible version of your own lashes. It’s not feathery or crazy voluminous (unless you naturally have lashes like that. If so, we need to chat. I’m jealous). All of this to say, this is an amazing mascara for daytime (unless you’re a Disney princess. If so, you probably require more dramatic mascara, and we need to chat. I’m jealous).

From what I’ve heard, this mascara is great for sensitive eyes. I’ve never had a problem with mascara irritating my eyes, but pals who do haven’t had any issues with this mascara. What really sells me is that the formula and brush (which you can peep in the featured image on the main page) are no-fuss, so I never have to spend valuable snooze-button time trying to fix clumps or piling on coats (two does it for me). It also stays put all day. This isn’t the kind of mascara you’re going to find in flakes under your eyes in the middle of the day. The tube doesn’t dry out easily, either. My mini tube has lasted far longer than I expected it to.

Downside time. A full tube of this stuff is $30. When I worked at the gelato shop, I would have had to work for 4.29 hours to buy this stuff, and that’s before sales tax and withholdings. Now, I don’t still work at a gelato shop, and I’m pretty sure minimum wage has increased by at least a quarter since then, but the point stands: This isn’t cheap mascara. I don’t love it any less, though, and unless you pump the tube, the formula (which also comes in waterproof) won’t dry out.


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