Privé Foaming Styler

22 Sep

If you’re  fine-haired (like me), you’re no doubt aware of the value of knowing how to work a good mousse. If I get out of the shower and forget to tip my head upside down and spread product through my roots, it’s going to look like I was dipped in glue and my hair smoothed down and stuck to my scalp. I’m not saying I need Grace Adler volume, but a little lift is nice.

This mousse is in the Aveda vein. It’s full of plant-based ingredients, and it smells like it. This styler includes chamomile, sage, balm mint, lemongrass, oak bark, rose hips and comfrey. I’d probably prefer if the scent of these herbs weren’t as strong as it is, but it smells nice and it’s not at all overwhelming, so this is a pretty small issue.

What isn’t small is the effect this mousse has on my hair. Even if I just work it in and hit the sack, I wake up with a natural amount of volume. If I add a blowdryer, I can achieve supernatural volume that doesn’t look product loaded. This stuff works best on damp hair because it disperses more easily when hair is wet. It’ll work on dry hair, but I’d suggest using less product and being extra cautious not to allow too much mousse to build up in one place.

The problem with most volumizers is that using the right amount is tough. There’s a fine line between not enough product and too much. When in doubt, start with less than you think you need and build. Too much volumizer is just going to weigh down hair, and you’ll be back at square one. With this mousse, a ping-pong sized bubble is the right amount for most people.

As with aerosols, don’t tip this guy upside-down while spraying. You’ll end up with product left in the can that you can’t access. This mousse retails for $22, but I picked up my current bottle for $18 at a salon. Because I pop a new can as soon as I finish the last, I’m not sure how long one lasts me, but I’d guess about six months, which makes this styler totally worth the price.


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