Z. Bigatti Re-Storation Impact Fruit Enzyme Facial Mask

26 Sep

Last night my eyes had their worst experience since the time I was six and I rubbed them after picking chili peppers from my mother’s garden. Not pleasant. I was getting ready for bed, and I thought, “A mask would be nice tonight,” so I applied it. I covered more of my T-zone with this mask, and minutes later my eyes were itching so much that they were streaming tears. I spent the next six hours with a cool washcloth over my eyes.

What happened, you ask? I didn’t throw out this mask when I should have. Fruit enzymes begin to increase in potency as soon as you open a product. The product simply became too strong for use. It’s a really good idea to mark the date on which you cracked a product so that you know when it’s tim to toss it. Allure has pretty good guides to how long various products and ingredients remain stable and safe. Trash anything with fruit enzymes within a three months of breaking the seal.

Even had I tossed this product when it was time and avoided my stinging-eye situation, I still wouldn’t be able to write a good review of this product. Clay masks are tough: They can be drying or pore-clogging. I don’t think this mask is either of those, which is this mask’s single redeeming quality. I didn’t notice any difference in brightness, texture or rate of breakouts in the months before this mask went bad, which means that this $129 jar is way, way too expensive. Lucky for me, I didn’t pay nearly that much.

The most important part of this review is about knowing what ingredients are in your products and how they age. Tossing items that have changed in smell or color is a necessary step, but it’s not enough, as my eyes recently discovered.


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