Emi-Jay Hair Ties

28 Sep

Those who know me know that I’m not one to wear my hair up. If you see me in a pony, know that in all likelihood a workout is in my near future or recent past, I have dirty hair, am deep conditioning or am working on a stressful project. Anytime my hair is in a pony, though, you can bet I’m rocking an Emi-Jay tie.

If you don’t know the story, these ties were created by a pair of L.A. teens who use the proceeds to make donations to half a dozen charities. As if that weren’t impressive enough, their ties have been featured in O Magazine nine times. Nine.

All that is fantastic, but a product isn’t a good one unless it works. You know that telltale dent you get from a pony that makes everyone aware of your lunch break workout? Won’t happen with these ties. They’re crazy secure, they won’t make dents and best of all, they won’t break or damage your hair. Amazing.

These little guys are also adorable. I can’t count how many times I’ve strategically twisted these around my hair in an effort to get the little tie portion to stick up like a little peacock feather coming out of my pony. The other great thing about Emi-Jay ties is that hair elastics inevitably end up on wrists. These look a lot better on the wrist than conventional hair ties do. On the very rare occasion that wearing my hair up is a beauty decision, I wear one of these. It’s amazing that they work for the gym and high-glamour situations equally well.

These ties come in a refreshingly wide array of colors. The ties in the photo are a part of the Metallic Collection, which sells for $10.99 and comprises one more band than pictured (vanilla beige). I’ll admit that I had it in my hair at the time. (I deemed taking hundreds of products photos a “stressful activity.”) The teens also make headbands, but what I really have my eyes on are the satin bow hair ties.

Usually at some point in a review there’s a downside, but not today; it doesn’t get much better than cute, functional handmade hair bands that support a variety of charities and two teens’ fashion dreams.


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