Clinique Rinse-Off Eye Makeup Solvent

29 Sep

I have my fair share of mascara tubes (and then some), so it stands to reason that I also go though my fair share of makeup remover. I’ll cop to that. This to say that I’ve done enough mascara removing to know what separates a good makeup remover from a great one. Clinique’s Eye Makeup Solvent is a good one.

I love that this remover feels smooth but not oily. I also appreciate that it doesn’t leave a residue. However, I don’t appreciate that it leaves mascara behind. This is a tricky remover. I’ll finish up with this product and believe that I’ve successfully eliminated all mascara and other makeup from my eyes. Then, morning comes and I have little mascara flakes under my eyes. Like I said, tricky.

The other thing that irks me about this remover is that it has a tendency to foam with slightest friction. (All the bubbles that form in the bottle whenever it’s moved should have been a hint to me.) Let me be clear: I don’t rub my eyes with cotton pads (and neither should you). I gently press and, when necessary, lightly sweep. Still, little foamies pop up. Unexpected bubbles near my eyes are scary. I’m not down with that.

I’ll go back to what I said at the beginning of this review, though: This is a good remover. It’s just not great, and I’ve been spoiled by using some great removers. This one will get 95 percent of the job done, and it’s gentle. It’s affordable, too: A 4.2 oz. bottle sells for $17. Am I ever going to buy one, though? No, but I’d also never tell someone not to use it. I might, however, mention that there are better ones out there.


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