Secret Clinical Strength Waterproof

30 Sep

It’s that time of year: The leaves start turning and there’s a refreshing chill to the air in the morning. We trick ourselves into thinking it’s time to set free all the fall clothing that has been locked up in our closets for months. Then, around lunchtime, it warms up. All the joy of getting to show off our fall wardrobes is replaced with regret and fear that we’ll end up sweating in and stinking up the clothes we’ve been so anxious to wriggle into.

I’m in college, so I do a fair amount of walking outdoors, and it’s possible that no one gets more excited about fall/winter apparel than I do. Needless to say, I’ve found myself baking in moccasins and long sleeves on more than a few occasions since Labor Day. I never lost my cool, though, and my underarms literally never lost their cool, thanks to Secret Clinical Strength.

Please don’t let the name deter you. I got this mini deo as a part of a swag bag, and I didn’t touch it for a long time, thinking that it would be overkill. Then, one morning my Dove deodorant ran out, so I rustled around and came up with this one. I haven’t replaced my Dove deodorant yet, and I’m not sure when I will.

Clinical Strength’s consistency is between a solid and a gel. (The deodorant is housed underneath a plastic cap with slits, and you turn a dial to advance the product.) It’s white, but it absorbs immediately and stays off clothes. It reduces the amount of perspiration I produce, and it’s the best I’ve ever used at keeping underarms smelling fresh. I have the waterproof version, which I think smells like cucumbers, which I found surprisingly refreshing after a workout. Other versions are Original, Sport, Orchid, Lavender and Sensitive Skin, none of which I have tried.

This line of deodorants is more expensive per ounce than most deodorants. A 1.6 oz. stick (three times the size of mine) is $7-9, depending on the retailer. The other downside is that the dial can be very difficult to turn, which seems to be a pretty common complaint with this deodorant. That said, it’s a pretty small downside. Just grab a towel to help gain traction. Problem solved.

UPDATE: I picked up a full-size Original stick when my mini Waterproof ran out. Although it took 87 clicks to advance the deodorant and there’s no delightful cucumber smell, I’m loving it. It keeps me dry and fresh and my clothes clean. I’ve also tried Lavender. Same deal. This deodorant is everything.


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