Suave Naturals Mango Mandarin Body Wash

4 Oct

Because I was so pleasantly surprised with Suave’s Aloe with Cucumber lotion that I decided (against my better judgment) to test out the body wash that was in the same gift bag that delivered me the delightfully soothing lotion. Let this be a lesson in greed.

This body wash is oppressively fruity. It transported me from my shower to a Bath & Body Works store, which isn’t somewhere I’ve ventured into voluntarily since I was 12. When prepping for a review, I read the entire bottle/box/tube of whatever product I’m reviewing. This body wash says “fragrance appeal of Bath & Body Works” in small letters toward the bottom of the bottle. I read this after using the product. Let this be a lesson in the value of being an educated consumer.

To its credit, this wash lathers well and spreads nicely over arms and legs. Aside from the smell, there’s nothing wrong with it. It contains aloe and Vitamin E as well as mango fruit extract.¬†The scent is just too overwhelming and tired to overcome. However, if Bath & Body Works is your jam, save yourself some money (these washes are about $4), and head over to According to its website, women think each of the Suave washes smell better than their BBW equivalents. Some of the other scents (Coco Butter and Shea) sound much better than this one, it’s possible that this would be a glowing review had Suave slipped a different scent into those swag bags.


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