Chanel Le Vernis

5 Oct

Chanel is known for making lacquer colors that end up being must-haves. (Think Vamp, Black Satin, Jade and most recently, Peridot. Really, I can’t count how many times I saw Peridot in magazines this summer.) Every season, it seems, I find myself lusting over a Chanel color, and it’s safe to say I’m not alone.

I don’t own Peridot, but my mom does. Yes, it’s really that beautiful. In fact, I ask her to bring it every time she visits me. I heavily considered buying my own, but I really didn’t want to spend $25 on a polish that doesn’t wear well. Yep, this stuff chips like it’s its job. A good top and base coat help, but this polish just doesn’t wear as well as many others.

My nails are Blue Satin (above left) right now, which is a gorgeous almost-black navy that looks darker and less shimmery on the nail than it does in the bottle. Bengal is a light and shimmery pink that is delightfully girly, yet substantial. I painted my nails on Sunday night. My right hand already needs to be redone; my left probably has another day or two. I follow the same process I do with any other lacquer, but Butter and Lippmann always manage to stick around for a few more days than Chanel does.

That said, I can’t tell anyone to avoid these polishes. Chanel will continue to produce amazing colors. Blue Satin is one of my all-time favorite nail colors, and I probably would have bought Peridot if my mom hadn’t. If you love the color and it brings you joy, it’s worth the price tag. Just reapply a top coat every few days and know that it probably won’t last as long as polishes from companies that specialize in lacquers. Then wait for the next show-stopping color from Chanel to come along and steal your heart.


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