Nad’s Facial Wax Strips

7 Oct

I have no beauty secrets. None. I won’t pretend that I’m just one of those people who naturally has baby-smooth skin or that my hair is shiny all on its own. I’ll always give up the products that keep me from looking like a mountain goat, even when it’s a subject women don’t typically talk about, much less publish for anyone to read. Here we go: I have upper lip hair.

The first thing you need to know is that waxing is the best way to remove hair above your lip. Sure, it hurts a little, but it’s less painful than letting those horrible-smelling chemicals sit under your nose for seven minutes. Plus, waxing lasts longer, and, over time, will reduce the amount of hair you see. Not convinced yet? Imagine this: Your date is picking you up in five minutes, and you realize that you forgot to take care of those pesky facial hairs. You can wax and clean up in less than a minute. You’ll still have time to change shoes three more times. I have to interject a word of caution here, though: Please make sure you’re not on a medication that thins your skin. You can do serious damage if you wax in a place where your skin isn’t as thick as it usually is.

Now that you’re all converts, you need a wax. Nad’s Facial Strips are it. Don’t try that paint-it-on-with-a-popsicle-stick goop. It gets everywhere and can burn you easliy. Facial strips are the way to go. They’re packaged like little green sandwiches: Two waxing papers are bonded with a strip of wax. Just rub the pair between your palms to warm the wax, pull apart, stick on and smooth down in the direction of hair growth, then yank off in the opposite direction of growth. Remove excess wax with one of the included finishing wipes or makeup remover and a cotton pad. You’re done. It took me longer to type this than it does to wax a lip. Unless of course, you’re me, and you have to count to three five times before you actually pull off the damn strip. It only stings for that half-a-second, though. I promise.

These strips are hypoallergenic, and though I use them every week, I’ve never experienced any irritation as a result. You don’t need to use these every week by any means. I just know that waxing isn’t built into my schedule, I’ll forget. Then I’ll be at an event and realize that I’m beginning to look like a mountain goat. Not good. If you’re worried about the big pull, dust the area with baby powder, which will keep the wax from sticking to your skin too much. I never bother with this because as I said, it really doesn’t hurt that much. I just get a little dramatic.

I’m sure you’ve figured this out already, but these strips work just about anywhere. They’re great at cleaning up a bikini line, and I’ve even used them vertically between my brows when I’ve been lazy with the tweezers. The only downside about this product is that each box comes with 24 strips (12 sandwiches) and about 3 finishing towels. You do the math. Because I wax every week, I’m usually able to rip a towel in half, toss the second half in a baggie and into the fridge to use the following week. Although a good makeup remover removes excess wax, the wipes work best, plus they feel quite refreshing straight out of the fridge. Bottom line: At $15 a box, each wax is a just more than a dollar (and only takes about a minute!), which is a bargain.


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