HerCut Deep Conditioner

11 Oct

Those who know me know how strangely excited I get about a play on words. Reading InStyle is always a source of joy for me for reasons beyond clothes and product updates. Buying this conditioner, then, was a no-brainer.

This morning, a strand of hair got caught around my finger as I was dispersing dry shampoo through my hair. Although my initial reaction was to wince at the breakage that ensued, I couldn’t help but marvel at how the hair stretched, then broke with the same snap a breaking rubber band makes. When I sat down to finish the research on this conditioner, I discovered that it’s formulated to help improve elasticity. Mission accomplished.

To me, improved elasticity is enough of a reason to continue using this conditioner. Bouncy, swingy hair isn’t the easiest thing to achieve, so I’ll keep around anything that helps. Where this condition falls short, though, is the “Deep” part. After a few weeks of use, I didn’t find it to be as nourishing as some of the conditioners to which I’ve grown loyal. If you’re looking for something to rehydrate dried-out ends, this isn’t it.

However, like I said, the increased elasticity is impressive and welcome. These 10-oz. bottles retail for $22, but Sephora seems to consistently have them half price, as does Amazon. I picked up mine for $3.50 a bottle at T.J. Max. All of this makes me believe that the products might be discontinued or reformulated soon, but the Her Cut website gives no indication of this. I hope this conditioner sticks around, though. Hair this bouncy is too much fun to give up.


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