Clinique Quickliner For Eyes

12 Oct

If ever there were an appropriately named beauty product, this would be it. This liner is the only one I’ll use on hectic mornings. In seconds, my eyes are lined and I’m out the door. Amazing.

Let me fill you in on my eye liner philosophy. I like my liner to look lived in. I don’t like heavy, overly defined lines; they look too unnatural for everyday wear. What makes this liner so great is that it doesn’t draw perfect lines. It does the smudging for you, which is both a time and skin saver. It’s also not at all heavy, which means that I don’t have to waste time swabbing off liner so that the look is natural.

I have the old model of this liner, but the new one is just as efforeless. In fact, it’s even easier to use because it’s a twist-up and therefore doesn’t require sharpening. I have kakhi, which I recommend because the green undertones keep the liner looking natural and easy. This liner comes in seven other colors, none of which I have tried. If I bought another one, I’d buy the same color, though. I love that it doesn’t shout, “eye liner!”

These sticks are also priced well at $15 a pop. My stick is about half the size of a full-size liner, and I’ve been using it for about six months, so you’ll probably misplace it before you use the whole thing, unless you’re like me, and you’ve never lost a piece of makeup in your life. 🙂


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