Cétha Moisturizing Hand Cream

13 Oct

I have obnoxiously and stubbornly dry elbows, and lotions and creams do little to combat their crepe paper-like consistency. This product is different. Nothing else has ever been so good at softening my rough elbows. In fact, this is the only one that has ever made them soft enough to blend in with the rest of my skin.

Full disclosure: This stuff is made very near my hometown. That said, I adore it independent of where it’s produced. I’m not so much of a homer that I’m willing to write a glowing review just because a product is made where I grew up. Promise. I don’t know the people who make this stuff, either. I just really like the product.

Although the company calls this a cream, I wouldn’t. I think it’s more of a cross between a paste and a cream to form a whipped, delightful moisturizer that’s unscented and absorbs instantly and better than any traditional lotion. I’ve also never used Cétha on my hands because I’m pretty Loyal to L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream, but I’m sure that it would do wonders anywhere you have troubles. I’ve even heard of people using it on their lips. (Again, haven’t done this.)

Since I bought this jar, Cétha has had a packaging upgrade. The product now comes in a 2.5 oz. tube rather than the 2 oz. jar I have. The best part is that it’s only $6.99. The worst part is that you have to order it online (unless you’re lucky enough to live in Minnesota). Either way, if you have any severely dry patches you want smoothed out in a hurry, consider ordering a tube of three — from my experience, this moisturizer makes a great thank-you gift.


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