Bic Soleil Bella

24 Oct

These razors are great in the way $10 champagne is great. If you’ve never had anything better, $10 bubbly is solid. After you’ve tried the good stuff, though, going back is tough.

It’s not a bad thing that these razors are the equivalent of cheap champagne. In fact, I like these razors. They provide a close, smooth shave, and they don’t dull easily. These razors have four blades and a movable head that glides over knees and ankle bones without nicking and cutting those tricky areas.

Where this razor falls flat, though, is its scratchiness. After a few weeks of using the Venus Embrace, it feels just as smooth and weightless on the skin. Soleil, however, begins to tug and scratch my skin after only a few uses. So, though the blades remain viable for weeks, the moisturizing strips lose their effectiveness after a few shaves. I’ll pick the razor that works as well and feels better every time.

If you’re not intimidated by scratchy razors, I have some good news: Soleil razors are probably the sharpest I’ve ever used. A pack of three is $7.50, but they’re $1 cheaper on Bic’s website. Side note: Shopping on is an odd experience. Seeing razors next to pens and lighters is a little strange. Bottom line: These get the job done, but I can’t wait to go back to my Venus Embrace.


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